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Premium Range for Chefs & Artisans

Aalst Premium Chocolate

BMK is pleased to release our new premium chocolate range. From the staple bake fillings renowned for retaining their taste and texture on the shelf, through to our extraordinary chocolate chips, we have chocolate for all occasions or just about any application you can think of.

Patissiere – Customised Recipes

Simply tell us what you need and we will be happy to assist you to select the best chocolate for your requirements. We are happy to work with you to develop customised recipes that will distinguish your product from the competition – your own line of truffles, chocolates, chocolate fudge, or toppings.

Food Services +

BMK provide quality products and services for ice cream producers through to bakers and chefs seeking to introduce their own unique line of delicious treats. Our development team offer technical support to help you make the right choices so you know which chocolate will best suit your specific application.

Chocolate Varieties

We offer a variety of white, milk and dark chocolate, as well as our signature twin chips designed to maintain their shape even whilst undergoing rigorous baking processes.  Chocolate buttons, blocks, chips are available in dark, milk and white – suitable for melting, decorating, coating and enrobing.

Aalst Premium Chocolate

Experience the best of what chocolate has to offer and lose yourself in the world of Aalst.  View our online Catalogue which outlines quantities, sizes and varieties available to you.

Aalst Premium Chocolate Catalogue

BMK | Aalst Chocolate – Premium Selection Catalogue 2017

BMK | Company Logistic

Aalst Chocolate has a storage capacity of 25,000 square feet – stored and delivered under an optimized temperature controlled environment, ensuring our chocolates reach their destination without compromising quality. Situated in the heart of South East Asia within Singapore’s well developed transport infrastructure, and the ability to promise delivery of goods to our Australian shoreline in a timely, efficient manner. BMK Australia are proud distributors of Aalst premium chocolate range.

BMK meet the same exacting standards for safe storage and distribution with operations expanding right across Australia.  Aalst proudly supply premium chocolate to some of Australia’s leading chocolate manufacturers.  Patissiere has been developed so that our manufacturing operations can assist you to customise and perfect your own signature lines.  Call us today – we are here to help you.

Louella - Signature Collection

Born of Aalst Chocolate.  The tale of a female warrior,

braving the odds and forging forward to present the gift

of Artisan chocolate to the world”.

Aalst | Award Winning Chocolates

We are proud to share the finest chocolate, using only the finest ingredients.

With over a decade of experience, multi-award winning Aalst chocolate presents

a range of chocolates for the whole family to enjoy!

Here's why our Chocolates are better

Chocolates are our business. For your pleasure, we looked everywhere for the best. The couvertures you see before you are from countless hours of searches, research and testing. But it’s worth it. And we’ll gladly do it again, if only to bring that extra second of euphoria to your palate.

Grand 61% Dark Chocolate

What happens when you take the best Nacional cocoa beans from exotic Ecuador, and blend it with the best from West Africa? An award-winning dark chocolate. Robust aromas layered with delicate floral notes, and a lingering nutty note with finesse are a promise. You can never go wrong with a winner. Let taste buds win. Enjoy Louella’s Grand 61% Dark Chocolate.

73% Madagascar Dark Chocolate

Meticulously selected from the island of Madagascar, pleasantly distinct cocoa beans are expertly crafted into dark masterpieces. Infused with the minerals and nutrients of the Sambirano rainforest, and the rivers that run through it, our Madagascar Dark Chocolate is made for the discerning chocolate connoisseur. A renowned rich body and plum fruit accents precedes a roasted nutty note that lingers.

70% Ecuador Dark Chocolate

Ecuadorian farmers affectionately call this one the “Black Gold”, rare National cacao beans provide this couverture an excellent aroma coveted and lauded by industry experts. True dark chocolate lovers will fall in love with the herbal and woody notes. But what makes this chocolate special is its roasted smoky finish aftertaste that flittingly teases the tongue. Treat yourself to Louella’s 70% Ecuador Dark Chocolate.

34% Milk Chocolate

The milk we use in our milk chocolate is vitally important. Our search for the creamiest, freshest and tastiest dairy brought us to the fields of France, from the grass to the water, and lifestyle of the cows – you know you are getting the best. This combined with the finest cocoa the Ivory Coast has to offer, we created a little piece of heaven. So savour the perfection  – comfortably sweet, with the perfect balance of milk and cream and a touch of caramel.

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